“He’s so good he can sell ice to eskimos” – sounds great… the problem?… it’s dead wrong!

Eskimos have never wanted or needed more ice.

Instead, allow me to toss you a more logical idiom… “Don’t try to create demand. Channel it.”

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Audemars Piguet costs $15,800USD – with a flick of your wrist the sparkle bouncing off this luxurious timepiece catches the eye of a stunning blonde across the room, she throws a smile your way – a sign she’s impressed.

Your website can inspire the same level of feverish desire in the hearts of your readers.

Whether you’re selling products or offering your services, you’ll find it’s just as easy to impress with this

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One of the biggest reasons for failure online, is a severe lack of traffic…

Like being lost in the unforgivably hot desert plains of Atacama without a drop of water.

It’s a hopeless end.  The only way to survive, is to quench your thirst – IMMEDIATELY.

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“Unstoppable Profits The New Normal”

When Internet Marketing is done properly… When your website “mass produces” red hot leads 24 hours a day 7 days a week for years… When hordes of hungry buyers hammer away at your servers…

When your inbox is flooded day after day, week after week, month after month – with eager clients, customers and patients almost begging you to sell them your products and services

I GUARANTEE! You’ll reach a point where you scream “When Are The Sales Slowing Downnnnn!!”… you might also be cursing when this happens, please ensure children are kept away…

“Electrified By Direct Response Copywriting”

The first draft of copy I hammered out read like a blind wombat wrote it while having a seizure! – It was a salesletter copied and pasted, glued and stapled, sewn and stitched together like a mad scientist building a Frankenstein monster.

To become better, I had to write, write and write… it was years before my powers of persuasion in print and digital formats was formidable enough to transform weak marketing campaigns into profit generating business assets.

I’ve listened to at least 10,000 hours of direct response copywriting seminars, audio tapes and MP3’s blasted into my poor ol’ eardrums.

Then, hardwired every bit of nuanced sales boosting secret embedded in profitable salesletters – that sold millions of dollars of products and services… deep into my neurology.

Today, part of my arsenal is a sizable library of successful copywriting and marketing funnels, campaigns, salesletters, promotions and sales strategies such as…

• How to correctly describe the benefits of doing business with your company – – do this correctly and your company becomes so appealing, so alluring and so magnetic you become impossible to ignore.
• Five techniques which hypnotically tunes off skeptical chatter inside your prospects’ mind – – when they have no objections, no resistance and no doubts, guess what… they’re going to buy, buy, BUY!
• Simple ways to make readers FEEL attached to your company – – all humans are emotional by nature, it’s time you use this to gain an instant competitive advantage.
• The secret to making your headlines irresistible – – research indicates you have 3 seconds to get a person’s attention, fail and you lose them forever. Succeed and you’ll exponentially increase your chances of turning lukewarm prospects into raving fans of your company.
• How to entice your readers so much they can’t help by sweat in anticipation of buying from you – – using a little known mental technique, you can make your readers eager to buy NOW!
• And much more…

Imagine squeezing these response boosting, sales maximizing and profit generating nuggets into liquid, pouring it into a golden goblet then gulping it into your belly like it was a witch’s brew!

Giving you superpowers to sell practically anything on God’s green Earth…

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“Shocking! Forbes Billionaire Admits To This…”

Like a bearded old prophet bellowing divine epithets from behind a cloudy white fog, Bill Gates proclaims, “if your business isn’t online, it won’t be in business”…

When a man worth $72 billion speaks about business… you should really pay close attention.

There was one thing he didn’t mention… He didn’t tell you what you should be doing online. That’s where I step up to the plate and fill you in.

There’s a tragic epidemic most companies are facing… “Beautiful websites”.

I’ve seen more company’s marketing budgets sacrificed on the altar of “beautiful websites” than chicken on the grill at KFC.

If you’re going to build a website make it a direct response WordPress website.

Avoid complex web designs at all cost. Websites which appear “artsy fartsy”… “atas and expensive”… “elite”… are guaranteed to dry up sales faster than the piercing sun dries up a glass of water at high noon in the Sahara.

If raking in as much sales as you can handle is your goal, then, you’re in for a scrumptious treat. I reveal the 5 factors for successful websites in the year 2017, 2018, 2019 and beyond…

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“WARNING: Online Stampede Ahead!”

In any normal case, stampedes are bad news. In the online world. It is embraced with open arms…

Kylie’s lip-kit launch was eagerly awaited by legions of adoring 17 year olds around the world. Sadly, for most, all they could get was a “we will be right back” screen on her website.

Because every single unit of lipstick sold out in 30 seconds flat. Yep. 30 seconds…

A couple of tweets here, an Instagram post there and tens of millions of fans once glued to social media suddenly sat up, took notice and dived in with cash in hand at the precise date and time they were supposed to…

It was a wild success for Kylie.

With all that dough banked safely into her accounts, Kylie splurged on a $4.5 million dollar mansion, location… Hidden Hills, California – home to megastars Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Drake.

Coldplay is a band idolized by many here. When they announced a tour date in sunny Singapore, it was a done deal. Tens of thousands of restless fans couldn’t control themselves.

The moment Live Nation opened it’s websites for pre-sales, they witness an event “never before seen”… a 20,000 strong army of Coldplay fans gobbled up all the tickets at one go.

As quickly as they were put on sale, the sold-out sign had to be brought out.

In total the online stampede snapped up 100,000 tickets.

Traffic Secrets…most new entrants into the internet marketing arena would have never heard about this launch. It was the product which launched dozens of mirror image 7-figures-in-one-day marketing campaigns.

All of it was done through the internet.

The course shared SEO secrets, paid traffic techniques and more…the offer was so irresistible that within 24 hours of opening the doors, John Reese smashed through the proverbial glass ceiling which no one in the internet marketing industry had gotten close to.

One million dollars in one day.

Traffic moves mountains in the digital world…

And there is nothing more stable than SEO traffic. Million dollar companies are built on the back of good search engine optimization.

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